During the past 15 years, I have been studying and working in the fields of holistic nutrition, plant based diet, detox protocols, superfoods and supplementation, all of which have been crucial for my own healing process.I have extensive experience with a variety of diets, as well as their impact on health.

I did more than 20 fasting and meditation retreats, 3 of which were 40 days each. I learnt a lot about diet, detoxes, herbs, cleanses at all levels, the blockages we have to those cleanses and the tools that are useful to overcome them.

I have owned a superfood company, worked for many years as a consultant in the superfood/supplements business, cooked for several communities, and worked in various detox retreats.  I am passionate about sharing the benefits of conscious eating and how food affects our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Presently I live in Switzerland and travel frequently to different European countries. I eat a varied, healthy diet that is based on 70% of fruits and vegetables, mostly raw (uncooked).

Other passions in my life, other than natural healing, plant medicine and conscious eating, are permaculture, community living, dancing, meditation and the expansion of consciousness.

Professional Bio: Marketing Degree; Yoga Instructor; Rawfood Coach; Health and Wellness Coach.